Canada is Actually the Bully on Tariffs

It’s amusing to see liberal Americans “virtue signaling” the world by “apologizing” for Trump for “attacking” Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.

According to these patriotic citizens, Trump is a boor, an insult-machine, crass and nasty. And he forced poor, traumatized Trudeau to courageously stand behind a podium with armed guards nearby squeaking, “We will not be bullied.”

All this went down after Trump had signed off on the G-7 agreement in which the United States and six of our allies, including Canada, all agreed to work together for peace, a clean environment, fair taxes and singing “kumbaya.”

Let’s you and I do something here that the Mika and Joe Scarboroughs of the world simply cannot bring themselves to do: look at the trade wars from the perspective of the people most affected by years of ongoing battles.

Canada actually dictates (Trudeau the Dictator?!!) how much milk, eggs and various dairy and poultry products farmers are allowed to produce, and at what price they may sell such products.

This was “put in place” by the benevolent bosses of the Canadian government to compensate for surplus production in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

To keep supply as stable as possible and make everything “fair,” the government benevolently blocks imports from the U.S. by whacking our dairy farmers with tariffs that are, as Trump has said, up to 270 percent on dairy products.

So, if any Canadian says, “Ok there, now don’cha know yew guys import more dairy to Canada than we sell to you,” it’s true because their government makes sure they don’t have much to spare.

Then, there’s timber.

When builders shop for materials, they want good quality that’s affordable and allows for a profit margin.

When the Canadian government subsidizes their timber industry to the point where Canadian timber costs nearly ten percent less than local U.S. timber, builders are going to dial the Canadian area code.

Imagine that.

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