Forestry Commission, local fire departments prepare for increased wildfire potential

Georgia is heading into its drier months, which means a greater risk for a wildfire.

Chief Ranger for the Georgia Forestry Commission Nick Tresco said when it comes to these types of fires, being quick is key.

“If you hit it fast and hit it hard, you can usually do something with it,” Tresco said.

He said wildfires are fought in a completely different way than structural fires, and present a whole new set of dangers.

“You’re running heavy equipment on these fires so you have the possibility of logs coming into the tractor with you and hurting you on that end,” Tresco said. “Or the possibility of the tractor becoming disabled and you’re trapped in front of the fire.”

Keeping your home safe from a fire means removing anything that could potentially be combustible, like tree debris or firewood for your home. When it comes to stray tree limbs, just be sure to keep them clipped.

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