Georgia Forestry Foundation launches new brand

The Georgia Forestry Foundation is launching a new logo and brand identity to accurately reflect the growth of the foundation since 1990, when the previous logo was introduced. The foundation has as its primary goal connecting 10 million Georgians to 22 million acres of working forests by promoting the abundant natural resource in Georgia’s backyard. Georgia is the number one forestry state in the nation, and GFF is establishing this brand to honor industry professionals, engage nature enthusiasts, and educate all Georgians about the critical role the forestry

Designed by Brian Steely of Jackson Spalding, the logo presents the foundation as modern and evolving while displaying the balance and life cycle found in forestry.

“Our new logo communicates the importance of Georgia’s forests continuing to endure for generations,” said GFF Executive Director Ember Bishop Bentley, “by linking all Georgians to the life-giving products produced from the forestry industry.”

The focal point of the logo is a traditional green tree, as trees are the cornerstone of our mission. Complementary colors were selected to represent the life cycle of sunlight, water, and earth. Additionally, the three tiers represent the Foundation’s three centers: Education, Forest Competitiveness, and Leadership. A darker and bolder font was chosen to increase name recognition and exposure for the forestry industry. Finally, a traditional dark green wraps the logo to represent the connection and symmetry between each element.

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