Georgia’s Forestry Industry Creates Massive Economic Impact

Perhaps the film industry comes to mind when you think of booming industries in Georgia. Maybe logistics, too, or aerospace—assuming you’ve been reading Georgia At Work.

One industry that might not be atop your list is forestry, but that should change.

According to report by Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia’s forestry industry’s total revenue—that’s jobs, compensation paid out to workers, and overall output—topped $35 billion in 2016.

The forestry industry employed nearly 52,000 Georgians in 2016, accounting for $3.7 billion in annual compensation. When Georgia Tech’s team looked into the multiplier effect—jobs created from forestry jobs though not directly forestry jobs themselves—the number of jobs grows to more than 144,000.

To put that in perspective, check out what the report says about how large (and impactful) the forestry industry is in Georgia.

“Another way to examine forestry in Georgia is to compare it with the state’s other manufacturing sectors. Forestry ranked second in total employment and first in terms of wages and salaries.”

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