Georgia’s working forestry industry benefits “both Georgias”

Attracting new corporate headquarters to Georgia draws lots of attention – deservedly so. Announcements of business expansions are similarly celebrated – again, as they should be. And the idea of creating manufacturing jobs in America is seemingly today’s holy grail. So why has so little comment been made about the recent announcements of two new production facilities in east Georgia totaling a quarter billion dollars in investment? After all, it is news that benefits both Georgias – metropolitan areas like Columbus and the rural parts of our state.

Georgia-Pacific (GP), the Atlanta-based forest products company, announced last week the construction of a $135 million dimensional-lumber mill in Warrenton, west of Augusta. The 340,000-square foot, state-of-the-art plant is scheduled to begin operation in spring 2019. Shortly after the announcement from GP, Canfor, a lumber manufacturer headquartered in Canada, announced that it will begin construction of a $120 million sawmill in Washington, near Athens and Augusta.

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