New wooden building product could be boon for Georgia in midst of steel tariffs

An international contest to design better affordable housing in Atlanta is putting a spotlight on a new building material.

It’s got special significance now that President Trump’s tariffs on steel are in place. Mayor Bottom’s promise to spend $1 billion on affordable housing in Atlanta could be a boost to Georgia Pinetree farmers.

Remember the contest we’ve been telling you about to design new affordable housing in a rundown motel on the south side of town?

The top entries both build with this new wood product. If the product takes off, it could be a boost to the number one tree-producing state in America.

Pine trees, the state’s biggest crop, make a new building product. It’s mass timber ross cut and glued into sturdy panels. The new steel tariff just makes this Georgia-grown wood more attractive. And attractive is what the 150 people now living at the seedy Santa Fe Villas really want in a rebuild.

Standing in the rooftop garden in Midtown, sustainability architect Shane Totten thinks the contest could change developers’ ideas of how to build a greener Atlanta as well as a more affordable one.

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