Softwood lumber consumption likely to reach record highs in U.S.

U.S. consumption of softwood lumber is likely to reach record-highs by 2030 according to a new study from ForestEdge and Wood Resources International.

The study forecasts that U.S. softwood lumber demand will grow at an annual rate of 2.3 percent through 2030, which will be higher than the report’s projection of real GDP. The study suggests that U.S. lumber consumption will reach an all-time high by 2030.

From softwood lumber consumption in residential housing, repair and remodeling, non-residential construction, material handling, ForestEdge and Wood Resources project that non-residential construction will grow at the fastest rate and will increase its share of the total softwood lumber usage from just over 11 percent in 2016 to almost 14 percent by 2030. Lumber consumed by the residential housing sector, including repair and remodeling, will continue to account for the almost 70 percent of the end-use market.

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