Take This Job and Love It: Georgia Forestry pilots

Typically when people think of the Georgia Forestry Commission, he/she may think of rangers on the ground fighting fire but the Georgia Forestry Commission employs pilots who help fight fire from the sky too.

There are eighteen aircraft, ten full-time pilots and about twenty-three part-time pilots that fly with GFC.

Georgia is divided into sections with pilots assigned to each one. A pilot will fly around twenty counties at a time patrolling for smoke, water quality issues, monitor construction near rivers, help with insect and disease control in forests that GFC manages, help with passenger transportation and assist in law enforcement missions.

Chief Pilot Clay Chatham flies a desk as much as he does a plane.

Chatham says that he loves his job. “I’m one of the few people in the world who can really say that I love it; I’m born for this.”

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(Via wgxa.tv)

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